Best Cannabis to Use With Yoga

Posted by author on December 6, 2017

The combination of yoga and cannabis can create a beautiful practice. Cannabis is often added to a yoga practice to enhance the yoga experience. It allows practitioners to go deeper both physically and mentally while eliminating distractions. Adding cannabis to yoga can allow those with physical and mental ailments to enjoy the benefits of yoga on a different level.

To know which strand to pick, you must know some background about the different types of cannabis strains. There are three groups of cannabis: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. It’s important to know the differences between these three groups because they produce very different effects.

  1. Indica strands produce more of a body high. This means that the body can feel anywhere from just a tingly sensation to becoming almost completely immobile or “couch locked”. It’s important to know the strength of the Indica strand and how your body will react to it.
  2. Sativa is the opposite of Indica because the strand produces more of a head high. This means that the head can feel anywhere between a tingly sensation or full blown fog. These strands can really help to focus the brain, but only if you choose the right strand and smoke the right amount.
  3. Hybrids are the perfect strands for new users because they tend to be less potent. They give a nice combination of a head and body high. Knowing the difference between these groups can help maximize your experience, especially during your yoga practice. Hybrids are a mixture of both Indica and Sativa.

There are several different strands that have been known to pair nicely with yoga. Most of these strands are either Indica or a Hybrid.

Granddaddy Purple is one of the most popular Indica strands and is frequently combined with yoga. It has strong relaxation properties and brings euphoria and tranquility onto the mat. It’s perfect for yoga because it relaxes the body without taking away motion or energy.

Blue Dream is another strand that works well with yoga and is good for non-seasoned smokers. Blue Dream is a Hybrid and relaxes both the mind and body. The Indica part of the strand relaxes the body while the sativa part keeps the mind alert, creating the perfect combination. These are just two examples of cannabis that are commonly used for yoga practice, but other strands might be more beneficial. Everyone is different. It is important to know how your body reacts to cannabis and yoga separately in order to create a combination that will work for you.

By knowing the differences between strands, you can better prepare for your cannabis infused yoga practice. Make sure that you use cannabis that you are already comfortable with to add to your yoga practice. That way your body can relax completely and you will enjoy practice. By understanding your own unique needs, you can pick a strain that will benefit you the most. Always remember to use responsibly!


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