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The Best Hoodie to Wear This Fall

on February 19, 2019 with No Comments

Temperatures are rapidly dropping outside, so it’s time for yogis to start considering how they’re going to bundle up as the final leaves fall. Start your collection of some yoga leggings, yoga pants, sweatshirts, and winter coats, even if you’re more interested in a stylish ensemble.

Many yogis are weighing the benefits of puffer coats, open-front cardigans, and cable-knit sweaters to keep their extremities warm this winter. While they all certainly have their advantages, some yogis prefer the more casual appearance of a hoodie. A hoodie gives the impression that your outfit was effortlessly thrown together, with all the added benefits of having a hood to protect you from rain, snow, and sleet. A hoodie is an excellent choice because it offers protection for your chest, as well as your arms. This extra layer can insulate you from bitter winds and help to protect your health throughout the season. 

The question is, what type of hoodie is really the best to wear this fall and winter? 

There are a number of trends that many yogis are interested in incorporating into their wardrobe, and a hoodie is a perfect place to begin experimenting. From shredded styles to strappy cutouts, a hoodie can give yogis just a brief taste of all the latest fashion trends. And there are many elegant ways to wear a hoodie.

One of the most popular styles of hoodies this season features cutouts that are covered up with intricate strappy patterns. Particularly in the front of the jacket, they create the possibility for a V-neck appearance on your hoodie. The straps serve to keep the hoodie in place on your shoulders to help keep you warm even in the winter winds. 

The main benefit to this cutout style hoodie is that it allows you to show off your top underneath. Add a pop of bright seasonally appropriate color, perhaps one inspired by many of the spices we cook with this season. Think of cinnamon spice-colored long sleeve shirts, turmeric-hued tank tops, and paprika camisoles tucked beneath a neutral hoodie. 

Are you still having a hard time deciding whether this edgy hoodie fashion is right for you? Consider that it can still be worn in a variety of ways, depending on the basic pieces you already keep in your closet. If you’re a yogi who prefers high-waist Capri leggings and looking for a cropped hoodie with this style, it will give you:

  1. A more modern appearance
  2. It will show off the shapewear in your favorite Capri leggings
  3. And will still keep you warm. 

Does a cropped hoodie make you feel self-conscious when exposing your abdomen? Look for a tunic-length hoodie with a strappy cutout to help cover more of your bottom half. This style is always appropriate with a quality pair of full-length yoga leggings. 

No matter what your style is, you can find a way to add a hoodie with cutouts and straps into your wardrobe this winter. Make this the next best piece that you add to your yoga ensemble.

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